New home for Grindrod-Intermodal

We're moving!

We are delighted to inform you of our new premises, currently being built in Denver, Johannesburg.

Construction on this multi-purpose logistics site commenced during April 2013 and boasts some really impressive statistics.

For starters, the entire facility spans an area of approximately 13.2 hectares and will comprise of an 18 000m2 warehouse, a 40 000m2 Ferro’s and transport yard and a container yard spanning 70 000mcapable of storing approximately 3400 empty containers and 500 full containers.

Furthermore, a 2-storey office building featuring approximately 4 200m2 of office-space will accommodate our Gauteng team as well as certain key customers.

This state-of-the-art facility has over 1000 tons of structural steel in its design strength, with roof-sheeting and side-cladding spanning an area of approximately 30 000m2.

In addition to this, the container yard will comprise of a cutting-edge workshop and washbay area that includes 36 container-repair stations.

The warehouse and office buildings will be completed during March 2014. Construction on the Ferro’s yard, transport yard and remaining ground area’s will commence during March 2014 with overall project completion expected to be during the third quarter of 2014.