GIT proudly launch their private rail siding

With the successful first train, Grindrod Intermodal signals the green light...

On the 14th of April 2016, Grindrod Intermodal proudly launched their private rail siding in Gauteng.

The siding, which is able to house a full block train, was furnished with empty wagons for coastal-bound traffic. Wagons were prepared and containers were loaded, using Grindrod Intermodal’s newly purchased 45 ton rear stabilising reach stacker.

“The train was loaded within two hours of receipt”, said Ben Khonyane, the Grindrod Intermodal Terminal Manager. The efficiency was well received by Transnet Freight Rail, where the general feeling was that with quick handling time within the siding, high volumes could easily be achieved.

The train details were noted swiftly after loading was complete and within hours, the loaded wagons were pulled out and set on route to the coast.

With a successful first train, Grindrod Intermodal have signalled the green light to start receiving import traffic and aim to add significant value in moving traffic onto an efficient rail solution.