Creating a competitive advantage

A unique car-packing operation recently completed at our Cape Town Intermodal Terminal

Our Cape Town Intermodal Terminal was recently commissioned to double stack vehicles into containers utilising the R-Rak system.

This system is a removable car racking structure that allows a wide variety of vehicles to be efficiently containerised. Double stacking maximises the number of vehicles that can be safely loaded into one container by raising and securing vehicles into the roof space via a pulley system. This method allows us to pack two vehicles into a 6m and four vehicles into a 12m container depending on vehicle size.

This service offered by us is a competitive advantage for Cape Town as it no longer requires the conventional use of Ro-Ro vessels which mainly berth at the Port of Durban.

Double stacking means that we are able to offer cost-effective rates as a result. Motorcycles, boats or other agricultural equipment can be loaded in a similar way.