Grindrod-Intermodal Announces Container TrakR

Grindrod Intermodal launches their on-line container tracking facility.

Grindrod Intermodal is pleased to announce the launch of an on-line container tracking facility.

Container TrakR will allow you to view both your container history under the tab “Containers” and Warehouse unpacks under the tab “Manifests”.

Using Container TrakR you will receive real time information on the whereabouts of your containers resulting in substantial time and cost savings.  

To register as a user of this facility you may click on the “Container TrakR” icon contained in our website Upon successful registration you will receive a registration confirmation acknowledgement and then be contacted by our System Administrator who will verify your details and then activate your account.

You can also find a user manual in the index tab which will detail the various search criteria available.

We trust that this interactive facility will be of benefit to you and your organisation.

Any queries may be referred to our System Administrator, Naseema Asmal, on  031 452 7721 or